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gracia tobing

There was a girl with the number of two and one are always get along with her life.
She always being faced in two choices, but rather than to pick one of them, she tried both,
trusting there are always two kinds of possibilities and combine it as one;
starting to know that she has been in love with movement.

self portrait

I believe in every stage of development from creation and mean it as a process, it doesn’t have to begin, it doesn’t have to end. Every full stops is the beginning of another chapter, thus I appreciate progress as the result of every step of developing. I do my daily life as doing preproduction in daily life; I sketch, write a poem, structurize the team encouraging to self-development.

I enjoy my work to conduct a film production.  I take quitness  as a meditation to sum my energy to the place where people needs my energy to carry the sense and gather some knowledge from surroundings,  put it in every tight space in the part of story in order to make it solid and full of pattern, mess yet structured, upside down yet balanced, blurred by foliage flare with a golden line, mysterious as a silhouette, empty yet established.

I put on an empty space to encounter imagination and external respond. That triggers me to have some collectible unused stuff that has a combination of the elements of nature in my surroundings. In extension, it begins my intention in having larger issues yet still keep the nature of the nature of human being and environment, arranging found objects, acknowledge the pattern and adapting a new structure, deliberately make it unintentional by having synchronicity in faith, gather the mood to support intuitiveness.

I need to tell the story of contribution in society, considering I am the part of it. And as prevention of suffering, I always try to package it in the mood of soulful and whimsical.

What it means to collaborate


Film has made us united. After a long journey, we are friends turn into family

that have the idea to keep producing based on the community of altered humanistic media.

rembah pribumi

It's a complete expression of how we could survive in our creative works.

We made film as a transformation of passion, questioning future and the society support.

gracia & tesla

Since the first time we've met, we know that we have something in common,

we tell stories in a symbolic way what film and music could provide.

Awiligar 104
Bandung 40191


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